Day 1: Make Your Own Name Tag!

Welcome to Day 1 of fEmpower! We can’t wait to see what you can make.


If you do not have a Scratch account yet, please create a new account, as we will be primarily using Scratch throughout the curriculum. If you’re having any trouble doing so, click this link for help.

Our first activity for you is to make your own personalized name tag! We want you to get familiar with the Scratch site and its blocks and to learn the basic skills in creating a Scratch program. This means you can change backgrounds, add sprites, customize fonts, and choose colors. Most importantly, make sure your name is present and visible!

To start, make a remix of our template. To do this, click the green button that says "Remix" in the top right corner of the main project page.

It should look something like this:

Here are some Scratch blocks to look out for. . . try to figure out what they can do! You're free to use any of the other blocks as well. However, "Control", "Motion", and "Looks" blocks may be most useful right now.

This page has all the tools for you to draw, add text (your name!), and add shapes.

There are no bounds to your creativity and art! And don’t forget to have fun!

Here is an example that one of our team members made: Elysia's Name Card