Day 2: Work Through an Easy Maze!


Day 2 of fEmpower! Get excited!


Today you will be making a maze.


Here is the link to the project you will be remixing this time. It looks like this:




Notice how the walls of the maze are already constructed for you. Your goal is to make the sprite in the upper left corner of the project to move from the “Start” mat to the “Finish” mat.


There are a few ways you could do this. Trying giving the sprite a sequence of motion instructions to do the job. You may also try to give yourself keyboard controls, perhaps the arrow keys or WASD keys, to control the sprite’s movement! 

These are some blocks that will be important for this project:


You do not have to use all these blocks.

Now, how does making a maze relate to code in the real world

Coders use conditional statements to control when an action is carried out; if a previous condition is not satisfied, the event that is expected to follow fails to happen.

For example: if you press the right arrow, your sprite moves one step to the right! If you do not press the right arrow, the sprite would not move.