Day 3: Construct a Harder Maze!


Amazing! You are now on the third day of your fEmpower journey!


Today we will be taking it up a notch with your maze. Try to add extra sprites to your project that will act as “obstacles.” Students in the past have tried making “monsters” that travel up and down on the screen, or they made blocks in the maze that you must dodge. 


To make it even more interesting, try to write a code sequence so that if your main sprite touches these obstacles, you lose the game! Try to change the backdrop when you lose or win the maze, or have an obstacle ask you a question in order to let you pass! All of these fun additions will make your maze more challenging for the player---this could be you, a friend, or a family member. 


Now that this maze activity is completely in your hands, you can also start completely from a blank page. Instead of having us create the outline of the maze, choose your own backdrop and maze structure, maybe even one that doesn’t allow your sprite to touch its walls. 


You will most likely be using similar blocks as before (from Day 2), but here are some new blocks to consider when programming obstacles:


Challenge yourself, and don’t forget to have fun!

Once again, many of the blocks you are using to code with are a form of conditional statements, where a precondition must be met in order for an action to occur.

You may also have used loops for your obstacles or monsters that move. Loops enable you to repeat steps without having you continuously put down blocks. They could run forever, or only five times---whatever the coder chooses to do.