Day 6: Create, Learn, and Explore!


"The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." 

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Last day of fEmpower! You made it!

We reserved the last day for you to combine your experience, knowledge, and creativity to work on what you want! This may mean polishing and revising a project that you made before today, or creating a new, different maze or bakery, or starting fresh with a completely new idea. Maybe create a project with a story line, or a simpler version of your favorite game ---- there are so many options!

We also encourage you to check out other users and their projects on Scratch. Click on the “Explore” tab at the top of the Scratch website to go down the rabbit hole. Check out a cool-looking project! Click the “See Inside” button to see how others coded it! Play some other people's games, watch animations, get inspired!


If you don’t want to create a completely new project from scratch :), you could remix someone else's and put your own spin on it. At any point in your exploration, you can always ask us a question if you find confusing code segments that you’d like to understand.

Whatever you decide to do, make this final project extraordinary. Show your friends and parents! Share it with us! If you would like, you can share your masterpieces in the fEmpower Scratch Studio. By adding your project to the studio, fellow students and other Scratch enthusiasts can view it, maybe comment on it! After all, part of being a programmer is sharing, giving one another feedback, and making better projects by working together.


We hope you had a lot of fun creating something for yourself and others. Of course, your coding journey does not have to end here. We have other resources on our website, including coding extension activities that expose you to Java, a "real coding" language. These Java exercises will be based off of corresponding mini Scratch activities, so make sure to check those out first! Try out a fill-in-the-blank quiz with snippets of real Java code.

fEmpower studio empty.png