The Curriculum

What is Computer Programming and Computer Science?
A Brief Introduction

We often talk about coding and computer programming as the same thing. It's how people communicate with computers, giving machines instructions to do different cool, useful things.

Code is everywhere! We code animations, websites, games, powerful calculators, simulations, phone apps, robots, cars, things that don't even exist yet — nearly everything digital! The possibilities are endless!

Meanwhile, computer science is basically the study of concepts we use to program computers. Of course, making great programs also requires creativity. With these fun coding activity sets, day by day, you'll explore these concepts, and at the same time have a blast creating!

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Day 1

Create your own nametag!

Day 4

Build a shop!

Day 2

Complete a maze!

Day 5

Improve/expand your shop!

Day 3

Create your own mazes!

Day 6

Share and explore!

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