Extra Coding Resources

Extra Coding Resources

Linked below are a few other ways you can continue your coding journey after fEmpower, from seeing other programming languages in action, to learning how to create your own apps! 


In this interactive coding environment, a friendly monster will walk you through various examples of real code in the JavaScript language, and you get to play around with it to create interesting designs and animations. Learn more here.

Code.org is a great way to explore and learn almost anything about coding! Tailor-made for students, this website has great curriculums for students K-5, 6-12, and beyond. Explore gaming, different programming languages, and even the hour of code. Learn more here.

Swift Playgrounds

If you have a Mac or iPad, try out Swift Playgrounds! Developed by Apple, this tool helps you explore the swift language with puzzles and challenges. Oh, and the graphics are amazing as well! Learn more here.


This is a great opportunity for fifth graders entering middle school to continue their interest in coding, technology, creation. You will put it to use to make a difference by being entrepreneurs (using your own ideas to start a business)!


Each spring, girls ages 10 to 18 get to participate in the Technovation Girls challenge. You'll work in teams to create an original mobile app meant to solve a problem in your school, your community, even in the world, and showcase it to others! Throughout the challenge, you will have a mentor and Technovation's many learning resources to help guide you.


For more information, check out their website and reach out to the Technovation chapter in your local area! Learn more here.

SmartAdvocate's programming glossary is a great way to review many key computer science terms, many of which are covered in fEmpower's curriculum. The vocabulary covers everything from the building blocks of software to the internet, and definitions are simple and easy to understand for beginners. Learn more here. 


This resource was a suggestion from a user of this website! A special thank you to Cory. We love this glossary!